Why choose us

SPV Lights aims to stand out from the crowd in the lighting industry. More than 10 years of experience in solar technology, product design and aftercare support gives us an unrivalled degree of flexibility, creativity and expertise.


At SPV Lights we offer a world-class service to customers, from initial order through to delivery and aftercare, as well as a two-year guarantee on all products. Our team of expert designers, factory staff and UK based customer service agents ensures that customers' expectations are not only achieved but exceeded, and our solar garden lights are of unrivalled quality and reliability.


We thrive on customer satisfaction, creating the most cost-efficient, effective and pleasing lighting solutions possible. Our ability to build outstanding solar lights has already earned us a reputation as a trusted market leader within the solar lighting industry. Our solar lighting design process is comprehensive, beginning with an efficiency led design of the solar panel and positioning and meticulous analysis of results. We use the latest software to carry out detailed technical calculations, use 3D design and the best quality parts to ensure our solar lights work all-year round.