15 LED Solar Security Light

It shouldn’t cost the earth to keep your property and garden safe and secure. That’s why we’ve included the popular SPV S15 Solar PIR Utility Light in our range of security lights. It has all the powerful features you’d expect from a high-end security product but at an affordable cost. And as well as being an exceptional security light, this product is also ideal for use as an internal solar shed light for sheds without electricity. The light features 15 extra bright LEDs and has a 4.8 metre lead between the solar panel and the light to provide extra flexibility. The separate 0.6W solar panel charges the light’s batteries during daylight, storing the energy for use after dark.

When used as a solar security light, this light comes on automatically at night whenever motion is detected and provides illumination for 25 seconds after the motion stops.

To use as a shed light, simply install the light inside your shed with the solar panel outside – the roof of your shed is an ideal place to position it. Now when you enter your shed, the light will automatically come on and remain lit until 25 seconds after you leave the shed.

• No need to connect to mains
• No electricity costs
• Easy installation – no DIY skills required
• Waterproof and weather resistant
• Designed for UK climate
• Rechargeable batteries supplied
• Dual use – use as a security light or as a shed light
• Provides 16 hours illumination when fully charged
• Lights for 25 seconds when motion is detected
• 6.5m infra-red detection range
• Provided with 4.8m of cable for between solar panel and light


The SPV S15 Solar PIR Utility Light comes with full instructions and is quick and easy to install straight from the box.


Light Body: height: 13cm width: 13cm depth: 9cm

Solar Panel: 19cm x 13cm

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