2 LED Solar Wall Light

This compact solar wall light will help guide you to your door at night so you don't miss anything that may cause you serious injury and to find your key without hassle. It also acts as deterrent for would-be criminals from taking an interest in your property. 

An excellent soluton if you have little space to place a solar light, but still require decent light. The light comes on automatically at dusk and stays on until dawn without requiring any mains power.

• 2 x Bright white LEDs
• Switches on/off automatically at dusk/dawn
• Consitently on at night
• Built-in AAA rechargeable battery
• 6 hours charge/run time
• Ideally placed next to front/back door

Two screws and two plastic screw anchors are included with the light. As the light is self-sufficent, you won't require mains power therefore installation should take 2-5 minutes.

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