How solar works

Solar energy is one of the cleanest, cheapest and most environmentally-friendly sources of energy on the planet. Solar powered products work by harnessing energy from the sun’s rays and converting it into heat or electricity. Solar energy is free – with no need to connect to the mains and no electricity costs. And because it does not produce pollutants or carbon dioxide, solar energy is eco-friendly too.


Can we use solar power in the UK?

Absolutely! We might not be known for a hot, sunny climate but solar energy can still be harnessed very successfully here in the UK – even on a cloudy day or in winter.


How do solar powered products work at night?

Energy from the sun is collected throughout the day and stored, allowing solar powered products to be used at night.


How do your solar lights work?

All of our solar powered lights feature a photovoltaic device (either integral to the light or as a separate panel). This captures the sunlight and stores it within the light’s rechargeable batteries for use after dark. The panel can be positioned anywhere where sunlight can reach it. When positioned correctly, the panel will harness enough energy to power the light throughout the night before automatically beginning the process again when the sun rises the next day.


Here is an illustration of how our solar garden lights work: